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Anime Expo 2014 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Meet-up (Rebellion Spoilers) PART 1


I went to my first cosplay meet-up ever! X3 Met lots of cool cosplayers, made some nice friends and got a lot of photos taken, and even got to be in the shots too, though those won’t come later XD;;

Sorry if they seem to be the same photo of everyone but I couldn’t back up to get the entire group because there was a huge crowd surrounding the meet-up and couldn’t back up any farther without tripping anyone or accidentally stepping on someone ^^;

So I just had to take a picture FROM LEFT TO RIGHT and pray to god they came out alright. 8D;; Oh the leader of the meet-up (who’s Akuma Homura/Homucifier. The one with the Kyubey Cosplayer) had us do this inside the convention because it was REALLY hot outside and we wanted to stay inside where there was AC. XD;;

More are to come but might take a while because there are a lot, and I mean A LOT. |D;;

GAH! I keep forgetting to say for any of the cosplayers to message me if you’re in here so I can credit you! XD;; Even though there’s gonna be more in the future.

Anime Expo 2014 - The WTF Balloons

Okay this one I know for a fact this was on Day 2 because of 4th of July and I was heading out to meet my dad until I bumped into these guys. They had a friend with them who was making…very interesting balloons XD;;

Don’t get me wrong, they were nice guys and had good humor. They were just real deep in the gutter. They did caught my Animaniacs joke when I asked the guy if he could make a balloon shaped like a little canon, which felt great. XD

Then one of the guys offered to give me the balloon on the right, which I immediately declined since knowing what they were, I did not want to bring that into my dad’s car and freak him out XD;;

It’s okay if you don’t know what they are and probably are better off but if you’re really curious, you’re gonna have to think real deep in the gutter and hope you remember what you learned in Sex Ed class |D;; THAT’S ALL I’M GONNA SAY!

Though slight tangent to drive away from these balloons, while waiting for dad outside, some idiot decided to set off fireworks not to far from AX. Like seriously. It was across the street. A little too close to the area. As in it only reached the top of a small building. And it scared the shit out of everyone. I got startled cuz it kinda sounded like a gunshot but glad it wasn’t.

Hell even the cars weren’t phased when it kept going off ^^; Though when calling dad on the phone, I warned him that if he heard lord banging noises, they were just fireworks. Stupid people setting off illegal fireworks, especially TOO CLOSE TO THE AREA DX

Other then that it was fun XD;;; Again, if you are the balloon guys in these photos, message me please, thank you.

Anime Expo 2014 - Princess Tutu Cosplayers

I’m sorry I don’t have enough pictures of these guys but there was a guy photographing the Princess Kraehe cosplayer and didn’t want to get in his way, and Princess Tutu and I were in a middle of a busy crowd so I had to be quick which I apologize if they seem kinda blurry.

There were many other Princess Tutu cosplayers but again, couldn’t get my phone out because there were a lot of crowds and I had moments where I was focused on something else, like getting to a panel on time.  XD;;

If you are any of the cosplayers seen in these photos, please message me so that I may credit you properly. Thank you.

Anime Expo 2014 - Frozen and Jelsa Cosplayers

So many cool Frozen cosplays *A* Mostly Elsa of course. I did see some Anna(s) but I didn’t have my phone out in time since whenever I would spot one we would be walking and unable to stop. Like I saw one coming up the escalator and literally couldn’t do anything. Oh well, thank goodness for Tumblr tags. XD

That aside, all these cosplayers of Elsa had lovely costumes and amazing hair styles that almost matched the movie. Though the melting Elsa was a good laugh considering the heat outside that day, and I felt her pain since I wore my Madoka costume all three days XD;;

Plus a nice little bonus to all you Jelsa fans. He came up from behind while I took the picture. These two were so cute. X3 I really need to watch Rise of the Guardians TT^TT

Once again, if you are any of the following cosplayers in these photos, please let me know so I may credit you properly. Thank you~ ♥

Anime Expo 2014 - Pokemon Cosplayers

Sorry if some photos are blurry. I don’t have steady hands but I do my best to have them come out clear enough to see.

Everyone should know how I felt about the puppets if you haven’t seen my video about them and R2D2; THEY WERE SO FUCKING CUTE! X3 

If you are any of the following cosplayers in these photos, please feel free to message me so that I may credit you properly. Thank you ^_^

More coming soon

Anime Expo 2014 - Pokemon Puppeteers and R2D2


The only two clips I managed to record because my iPhone had very little space. XD;; Damn me for having apps, music, and a lot of photos that I took during AX XD;; Otherwise, I would’ve recorded a whole lot more. ORZ

Anyway, I can’t remember what day it was (probably Day 2) when I saw the Pokemon Puppeteers but when I came across them, I immediately went into OMG SO ADORABLE MUST LOOK mode and tried to record until my phone literally said ‘not enough space.’. I could only take photos from then on since I had so many and wasn’t going to delete them until I got them on my computer XD

Then on day 3, where I was with Regina, Jacqulyn, and their friend Ami, we came across these guys who had two R2D2 robots and made them move and all sorts of noises as if it was the actual robot from the franchise! One of them in the back was able to play music while my friends and I played around with this guy. It was so cool X3

Once again, if you are any of the Pokemon puppeteers or the guys who made the R2D2 robots please feel free to message me so that I can credit you properly.

Anime Expo was a blast as always and look forward to it next year! X3 

Photos will hopefully come soon but once again, there are a LOT so that may take a while ORZ

Music used are in the credits~♥

Anime Expo 2013 - Pinkie Pie Regina and Karaoke!


Okay so while I was getting my photos from AX 2014 together, I realized that I still had a video from last year’s AX and forgot to post it. XD;;

This is my friend Regina, cosplaying as Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where we had a ton of fun and met lots of cosplayers; including other Pinkie Pies! XD

Then karaoke! She was set to sing Hakuna Matata, which she was great but I just wish the people at the karaoke place turned the music down a bit since the songs a bit LOUDER than the singer. (They did that again when I sang karaoke this year and GOD I wasn’t sure if anyone heard me)

All in all, it was fun and I know Regina enjoyed it too ^_^

Sit tight cause I have another video from AX 2014…damn you phone limitations XD;;


Me as Product Placement Madoka photo shoot

It’s small but here’s how it works, you click and hold on the picture and then move it around where you can see me spinning since that’s how the photo shoot works. I was confused too but omg when I figured it out I couldn’t stop spinning myself XD

Though I believe this is ether before or after I got the petti coat which helped the costume so much! I will say that I did purchase knee socks in the later days, which you will see in the future.

Which I apologize if the photos are taking forever to post but my god I took a lot @_@ So take this as a sneak peek for the massive photo load XD

I know a lot of your are probably expecting a blog about my experience at AX

But it might take a while due to have taking a LOT of pictures and need to edit, show all the goodies I bought at AX, not to mention having to summarize all the things I did. Which means, it’s gonna be LONG.

So bare with me because I don’t know how long it’s going to take due to being back on my schedule and trying to clear messages on DA (147 MESSAGES?!)

Though I will say for sure that I had a LOT of fun at AX~♥

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